Get Your Product to Retailers and Distributors

When you turn on your water tap, water happens. Wonderful, isn't it? You've got your hot; you've got your cold. It's clean, dependable and cheap. How does that water get to you? Chances are you haven't a clue--and you probably don't care. Depending on where you live, you have large-scale municipal water or a local or private well. It's the same with electricity and natural gas. These things make your life easier, but it doesn't make much difference how they get to you, just that they do.

Marketing companies and Distributors operate the same way. They're invisible to most consumers. . But they effectively (if not always efficiently) bridge the geographical gap between producer and retailer. Supermarkets and department stores couldn't exist without a complicated distribution system, capable of moving enormous amounts of product of every size and description.

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Market Expansion
Expand your presence  into more  markets of similar makeup to your  current location. Tactics  would include picking  those locations and designing a retail  presence  that would be appropriate to the space and to the  location.
Established Distribution Network

 Finding a Distributor for Your Product  The  distribution channel you select for your  product should be  based on a careful analysis of  the needs of your product in  the marketplace.How can you motivate distributorsto carry  your line? This can be difficult for companies and their products breaking into a market that's already flooded with other similar products. We are having our distributors to distribute your products.

Reaching out to the Retailer: Our well experinced distributors will place your products to the retailers very effectively and efficiently and your products will reach the customers- consumers without any difficulty.

Turnkey Product Launch Infrastructure   -No other company offers the comprehensive support, critical expertise, powerful industry specific broker connections, and constantly evolving marketing innovation that El Rohi offers. We will guide you every step of the way. From the moment you become a client, until you realize your full sales potential, we will be by your side.

Full Service Agency   - We offer any and all services you may need in-house, so you can develop a lasting relationship with your account manager, and participate as much as you want in the creation of your marketing and sales plan. This will also allow you to focus on your business and not on juggling a mountain of contacts and regulatory tasks.

Expertise   - El Rohi's employees boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the distribution and retail markets. Our experts have worked in and had success stories with virtually every major retail channel. At El Rohi, our experience leads to your growth.  

Speed   - What others do in years, we can accomplish in months. We are the best in the business at quickly capitalizing on an opportunity in the market. Our network of Power Brokers provide unparalleled speed to market, and because of our sales and marketing team’s experience and familiarity with the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry, they are able to recognize opportunities before the competition.

Promotional Support   - Once your product has been successfully placed in the market, we will provide all kinds of promotional support and media capabilities that you need. Our promotional methods are focused, cost effective, and proven to enhance sales volume.  

From the manufacturer's perspective, El Rohi deliver a lot, too.

  • We transport goods from large warehouses to the retail outlets. The manufacturer can't afford to move these goods. The retailer can't afford to go pick them up. Enter the distributor, who serves as a superwarehouse, drawing goods from thousands of manufacturers, sorting them by retailer, and then dropping them off on the retailer's loading docks.
  • They warehouse materials in different parts of the country. This storage role of distributors saves manufacturers millions in facility costs, since they don't have to build storage buildings to hold the goods that roll off the production line.
  • They handle the paperwork between the retail outlets and the manufacturers. Retailers order their Twinkies from distributors, not from the manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to focus on products, not on logistics, which is the strong point of distributors. Logistically, manufacturers can focus on a limited number of customers...the distributors.
  • They handle invoicing and collection. This is an important service for manufacturers. It keeps them out of the collection business, especially for small accounts that the manufacturer wouldn't want to have to deal with.
  • They don't sell for you. That's your job, through your advertising and promotion. Distributors put the product in the hands of the retailer. In many markets, you have to have distributors, but they don't relieve you of the primary sales responsibility.

From the retailer's perspective, El Rohi provide the following main benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of products from a single source. It wouldn't be practical for a retailer to order each of the products it carries from every single manufacturer.
  • Delivery. To the door, in the quantities and sizes needed, according to schedule.
  • Connections to the manufacturer's offerings of co-op advertising, promotional specials and special discounts.