Who We Are

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Headquartered in Chennai El Rohi Enterprises, is one of the country's leading sole selling cum marketing agents and distributors for manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods such as Food Products, Spices, Masala Powders, Soft Drinks, Leather Products, Foot wears and Paper products etc.

We have marketing and sales cum retail distribution professionals having more than 25 years of experience in the retail industry, with expertise spanning several categories of consumer products.We have successfully launched a wide range of products from concept to shelf.

Our Team

  Let our experience guide your way.  We believe people make           companies, and they are our most valuable asset.

 Our Marketing professions are responsible for implementing both  unique and proven marketing strategies to grow our clients’  brands.They brings a combination of technical and creative      expertise to their work. 

our Sales and marketing team has an in depth  understanding of the goals, objectives and challenges today’s manufacturers  have in front of them.This understanding  helps them achieve dynamic distribution with out of the  box thinking.  

The combination of skills our team brings to El Rohi allows them to work inter departmentally, coordinating the efforts of the firm’s sales, marketing and Internet technology teams. This requires a great deal of creative thinking and technological expertise, and our team prides themself on this ability to come up with innovative solutions to all types of challenges.   

Image result for sales and marketing images