Commercial Centres

 Commercial centres, Shopping Malls are probably one of the best  locations for EL ROHI marketing promotions.

 EL ROHI reach your customers at the point of sale, where  no other  form of marketing can reach  them!

 Inform them about actual best bargains, special offers, happy hours.

 Offer your customers added-value content like map of the mall with  the list of stores.

 Information for resellers: 73% of our customers consider shopping  mall as the most desirable place for marketing campaigns. 

 See if you can get in contact with managers of such a place in your area, place EL ROHI there, and start earning money out  of Bluetooth marketing immediately.

 In-store promotions

  Bonus Offers

 Auto-generated Trackable Discount Coupons

 Coupons for Free Gifts

 Product Advertisements (pictures, animated GIFs)

 Brand Awareness Building Content (videos, ringtones)

 Java-based Product  Brochures


 Events usually encourage people to try new things, and mobile  content may be one of them. 

 Here are some proven concepts for EL ROHI campaigns in such  places:

 Event Agenda/Guide with a mapProducts Catalogue/BrochureSample  Music (at Concerts)RSS-actualized scores, results  (e.g.  football  matches)

 Mobile Wallpapers

 Your imagination is the limit

 Public Transport: Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stops

 Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Night ClubsHotels, Casinos

 Tourist Attractions: Museums, Travel Offices, Seightseeing Points


 Cinemas, Theatres, OperasSchools, Univesities

 High-traffic Pedestrian Areas