International Sales 

 We have established ourself as one of the reputed  exporters  from India and you can add your products  in our products list  and get regular orders.

 Expanding into a new market, especially one as large and  complex as the United States, can be intimidating. 

 At El Rohi we work to ensure that our clients have a smooth  and direct route into the Global market. We act as a strategic partner, allowing you to maintain control over your brands direction.  We have the product launch infrastructure to make your entrance into the Global Market a rapid, profitable experience and we offer proven comprehensive solutions for selling in to the largest markets in the world.   
  El Rohi offers: 
  •   Identification of potential buyers for your products in global         market
  •   Preparation and presntation of catelogues as per international   standard
  •   Price fixing and negotiations.
  •  Procurement of purchase orders - We will obtain purchase  orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brands profile in the Global market.
  • FDA label compliance review - El Rohi assists manufacturers in meeting US federal government regulations, and industry standards in the United States.
  • Product line evaluation - El Rohi will make product recommendations based on the established market, and existing competition.
  • Trademarking/Brand Protection - El Rohi ensures that our clients maintain exclusive rights to their products and patents.
  • Claims and regulatory review - El Rohi  will review any marketing claims made to ensure compliance with Government regulations.
  • Global logistics services – El Rohi will assist you in transporting products from their country of origin to the any where in the world.
  • Customs assistance - El Rohi will prepare the customs entry into a major world port and ensure delivery to specific destinations.
  • Warehousing - El Rohi through its associates offers a state of the art, climate controlled warehouses in the major ports. Our associates warehouse are registered,  validated, and extremely secure.