Elrohi is well equipped with a state-of-the-art warehousing, transport, logistics and inventory division. It specializes in getting its products to its customers on time in a cost effective manner.

El rohi has an all India ERP system to coordinate operations between all branches across India, as well as track sales & report back to the principles.
With its Head Office in Chennai and a vast area of distribution Hub in Chennai a fleet of more than 20 contracted vehicles  is maintained to ensure prompt and continuous delivery of goods.

These vehicles range from refrigerated vans to ambient trucks to transport chocolates to customers on time & in an optimum condition.

State-of-the-art warehousing, transport, logistics and inventory division



We not only have the products you’re looking for, we’ve got the means to get them to you — effectively and efficiently.

With associates having warehouse facilities located along major transportation corridors throughout India, you can be assured that El Rohi will not only get your order right, but get it to you exactly when you need it.  We have associated with transporters who have  structured a delivery fleet and distribution operation to ensure that the product delivered is as quick when it arrives at our distributors and retailer’s door as it was when it left our processing facility.

Within India

  • Door-to-Door delivery service
  • Coordination: Coordinate third party trucking company to deliver goods.
  • Will-call service:  You want to pick up your order? No problem. We’re experts when it comes to providing you  
    top-notch will-call service.
  • Refigerated truck services  Ou operatos will povide refrigated trucks which  can adjust to maintain not only refrigerated items but also  
    frozen items. 
  • GPS System: Our Logistics department utilizes a GPS System: To provide real time vehicle locations as well as  
    travel history (speed violations, excessive idling, etc.) and time at delivery locations.